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MAGFLO:     Electromagnetic Flowmeters.


MAG1100, MAG1100FOOD, MAG2100, MAG3100,                         MAG3100W, MAG5100W Flow Sensors. 

MAG2500, MAG3000, MAG5000, MAG6000                                     Signal Converters.

           MASSFLO:    Coriolis Mass Flowmeters




MASS1100, MASS2100, MC1   Flow Sensors   

MASS3000, MASS6000 Signal Converters.


         SONOFLO:      Ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight Flowmeters



SONO3100, SONO3300 Flow Sensors  

SONO1000, SONO2000, SONO3000 Signal Converters.

SONOKIT Retro-Fit Kit.


Other Products
We can also offer information on Danfoss Evita Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Systems, and Danfoss Vorflo Vortex flowmeters.


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