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Please advise the following details to enable us to give technical support and information.
This form can be copied into a word document, completed and e-mailed to enquiries@flowmeter-support.co.uk

  Flowmeter-Support   -   Enquiry Form    Enquiry No  (Internal Use Only)  
  E-Mail to    -    enquiries@flowmeter-support.co.uk  
  Please Complete all boxes below  
  Contact Name          
  E-mail address          
  Order Number. Nominal Value 25.00 plus VAT    
  Flow Sensor Data  
  Product Example:   Magflo    
  Sensor Product Code Example:  083Z8002    
  Sensor Build Code Example:  3100-141C211000    
  Sensor Serial Number Example: 123402T345    
  Sensor Size Example: DN150 or 150mm    
  Above information can be taken from the data plate on the sensor terminal box.  
  If not visible everything except sensor build code can be read in the display from the  
  Product Identity field in the menu.  
  Note: Full sensor specification may not be traceable without the build code.  
  Signal Converter Data  
  Product Example:  MAG6000    
  Converter Product Code Example: 083F5001    
  Converter Serial Number Example: 123402N345    
  Signal Converter code can be found on the label below the display.  
  Serial number can be found on a label on the bottom of IP67 versions  
  or on the back of IP65 versions - always near the connection pins.  
  The information can also be read from the product Identity field in the menu  
  Enquiry Details:           


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