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www.flowmeter-support.co.uk .  

A Division of AVL Contract Services Ltd


Allan Lane - Instrumentation and Controls History

1990    Joined Danfoss Flowmetering Ltd at Stonehouse UK in flow sensor assembly for prototype build and first production run of MAG3100 flow sensors

1991    Moved to sales office – Internal Sales Engineer – General Sales and Water Industry Projects

1995    Danfoss Stonehouse offices closed – Moved to Hytork Controls Europe as Senior Project Engineer

1999    BNFL Engineering – Project Engineer Nuclear Generation.

2000    Returned to Danfoss Flowmetering Ltd as Internal Sales Engineer

2001    Promoted to UK Technical Support and Service Manager for Danfoss Flow Products.

2003    Danfoss Flow Division Purchased by Siemens Automation and Drives.    Transfered to Siemens Process Instruments as Flow Product Specialist.

2005    Transfered to Siemens Flow Instruments as production Co-ordinator responsible for  Magflo Special Sensors.

2007    Set up AVL Contract Services Ltd. To include www.flowmeter-support.co.uk



Our Payment Terms
This service has to be run on a trust basis. We request an order number with every enquiry for a nominal 25.00 Plus VAT. If information supplied consists of only part number and supplier details, or a service contact, we will invoice at 20.00 Plus VAT. If one or two technical attachments are required we will invoice at 25.00 Plus VAT. If detailed investigation work is required, with multiple technical attachments, we will invoice at 40.00 Plus VAT. We will reply to enquiries by e-mail and attach our invoice.
Payment can be made by cheque or BACS.

Should an invoice not be accepted and paid within 30 days of invoice date, no future enquiries will be investigated until full payment is recieved for outstanding invoice, and new enquiry is paid in advance.



A Division of AVL Contract Services Ltd.
37 Box Road. Cam. Dursley.
Gloucestershire. GL11 5DJ

Company Registration Number  6163843. 
VAT Registration Number: 900 9555 32